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Your shading is for more than just shielding your home from the sun. It works with other components of your home to reach your comfort temperature and protect your furniture.

Unlimited Flexibility for all types of shading

The SLC-system is infinitely flexible and adapts to you and your individual needs. Regardless of whether you have blinds, curtains or roller shutters, you can integrate them into your smart home.

Harness the power of the sun

Use the energy from the sun to bring your rooms to a comfortable temperature. The blinds are kept open during the day until the room reaches its desired temperature, and then lowered to prevent overheating.


If no one is home, your blinds go into security mode. This means if there is a break in while you are out, the blinds will open alerting your neighbours and passersby to anyone that shouldn’t be inside your home. If you are home and a fire breaks out, then the blinds will open so as to expose escape routes.

While you’re on holiday, as part of Presence Simulation, your blinds will open and close just as if you were home so as to deter potential burglars. When you are home, the blinds will close at night so as to give you and your family privacy and an extra sense of security.

Easy to control

Controlling your SLC Smart Home is as simple as it is smart. You only need one Loxone Touch switch to control your blinds, lighting and music in each room. Using two corners of the Loxone Touch for “Blinds Up” and “Blinds Down”, you can manually operate and adjust your blinds at any time.

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