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Smart Life System

Company is an international team of the best specialists in development and implementation of the most efficient and cost-effective engineering solutions for the comfort and safety of your home and for health of your family.


We carry out our own branded solutions on development, installation and maintenance of complex individual automation and climate systems of any level of difficulty. All our solutions are being adapted to the individual needs of each customer.



Thorough market research we have demonstrated the high level of technical training of our specialists;  as well as  system’s performance indicators enable us to be proud to say confidently that at the moment we are a unique company on the Spanish coast.

What we do:

By choosing the most efficient solutions according to your specific needs from the wide range of all our state-of-the-art research and development projects, technologies and solutions, we make an individual solution based on the climatic features of your region, characteristics and construction stage of your house, as well as on the needs of your family.

What you get:

A warm, cozy, smart home, integral with your personality, that anticipates your desires, thinks instead of you and protects you and your family. You will simply stop thinking about addressing hundreds of household current issues, including heavy billing. Your home will do everything instead of you: it will take care of your comfort, safety, health and well-being.

Why do people choose us?

  • we don’t churn out ready solutions, we develop individual projects
  • we don’t resell, we invent
  • we take care of the country we live in by creating jobs and involving best specialists, engineers and programmers from all over the world
  • we take care of ecology, because this is our future and future of our children
  • we provide your home with cutting-edge scientific advances that are as easy to use and control as to press the button
  • we don’t say “no” to our clients, since we like challenging tasks
  • we are professionals and we always do our job perfectly well, regardless of the price
  • our pricing is absolutely transparent, so the price will depend on you, and the proposed solution will remain within budget
  • we believe that service is as important as product, so we address challenges fast, once and for all
  • we always smile and explain complex things in simple language
  • we are proud of our work and we know for sure that we have something to surprise you

Do you want to talk to us?  Call right away, we are always pleased to hear from you!