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Heat pump «air-water»


Dhw tank




Warm water floor


Intelligent control system


Water solar manifold equipped with the safety assembly

Advantages of the climate system on the base of the heat pump:

System water

temperature ranges from




We spend

1 kW  

of electricity
and we get

4 – 5 kW

of heat


times saving as compared to the traditional heating sources (gas, electricity, and air conditioning)

The heat pump is more environmentally-friendly method of heating and cooling than gas or electric boiler

The heat pump provides not only the heating of the building but also cooling through the fancoil system

As for reliability, the heat pump is a cut above traditional heat sources. it is totally explosion proof and fireproof. no CO emissions.

Electric boiler
300-350 Monthly costs

0,18/0,09 For 1 kW/hr (day/night)

Estimate of average monthly (average annual) maintenance cost* for a house 100-150 sq. m.:

*energy performance class of building «a» or «b»
Gas boiler
160-200 Monthly costs

0,06 For 1 kW/hr (day/night)
Heat pump (HP)
50-70 Monthly costs

0,02/0,04 For 1 kW/hr (day/night)

The heat pump is cost-efficient, universal, safe and secure, ecology-friendly and comfortable

Hot water costs will be 20 Euro per person annually at 100 liters per person daily

The heat pump is the most progressive and high-tech equipment at the moment, that can derive energy from the environment and use it for heating and cooling of the building

Other advantages of smart life comfort climate system


Possibility of climate control in manual, automatic and remote mode control and independent regulation of temperature, humidity, со concentration


Possibility of the automatic change of temperature scenario depending on the  time of the day, season, exterior temperature and weather conditions, and presence of house dwellers indoors etc.



Climate system control provides the possibility to maintain the ideal temperature and air humidity in the house, that is essential for human health



Self-learning system and intelligent optimization algorithms guarantees the minimal energy- efficiency of your house

Easy to Control

In a SLC-system, the autopilot ensures that your individual desired temperatures are always met at the right times. If you arrive home earlier or if you need to change the temperature in the room at any time, then you can adjust it easily via the app – turning the temperature up or down or giving the heating a boost for a couple of hours.

A comfortable temperature in every room

Kitchen: 21°. Living room: 19°. Study: 20°. The rooms in your home will be at the right temperature at the right time of day. At night, you’ll sleep more comfortably due to the perfect temperature in your bedroom – leaving you suitably relaxed and ready to take on each new day!

Intelligent temperature control,

saving on energy costs

Your smart home provides the perfect temperature in each room, with the combination of intelligent heating and shading control. If you are no longer in the room or your home, the heating is lowered. It is this level of intelligent heating control that saves you money on your energy bills.