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Automatic change of temperature and light scenario depending on the time of the day, season,weather conditions, and presence of people indoors

Creation of individual climate and light comfort scenario

Independent control of heating radiators, air-conditioners, fancoils and/or underfloor heating

Statistical control of energy consumption per any time interval (hour/day/week/month/year)

Manual, remote or full-automatic control is available


Your SLC-system Smart Home manages the intelligent use of energy and puts the brakes on high energy bills. In your home, the shading and lighting work in harmony. Your smart home makes for the perfect conductor of energy management, and it always has its eye on saving you money on your energy bills.

Working In Harmony For Natural Warmth

In your home, the heat of the sun can be captured to bring the rooms to a comfortable temperature. In winter, the shading can work to harness the little warmth that there is. In the summer, the shading protects the home from overheating. Whether you have a fireplace, large windows, or use solar heat pumps – your rooms will be intelligently heated to reach the desired temperature whilst ensuring energy is not wasted.

Electromobility: Harnessing the power of the sun at home

With your own private charging station, you can charge your electric car at no cost. A SLC-system Smart Home intelligently factors in the amount of solar energy being produced, the current electricity tariff and the total usage load of the house when determining when it is best to direct energy to your car charger.

Total Energy Consumption

Your SLC-system Smart Home intelligently monitors your home’s current electricity consumption as well as your electricity production. You can view this information directly from your smartphone at all times.

Touch Away

As you walk out of a room in a SLC-system Smart Home, double-tapping a switch will turn the room off – including lights, music and the heating. With a triple-tap, you can put the whole house into sleep mode or ‘Away Mode’ – which turns all the lights and music off, turns appliances and devices off, and lowers the heating – ultimately saving energy.

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