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Possibility of program and manual dimming in rooms

Programming of individual lighting scenario

Simulation of presence — repeating of lighting scenario during the house dwellers’ absence

Lighting control by motion sensors


Shelter from heat in the daytime without the need to lower roll- down shutters

Providing of privacy in the evening

Windows blackening at any time of the day

Brighten up your home with Autopilot Living

In your home, you lighting always knows when it’s needed thanks to SLC-system’s intelligent lighting control. When you enter a room, the lighting turns on automatically taking into account the existing level of light in the room. This intelligent lighting control reduces the number of times you’ll find yourself having to reach for a switch – and it saves on your electricity usage too. If you get up in the middle of the night, when the rest of the family is asleep, you’ll be guided to the bathroom with dimmed lighting so you and your loved ones aren’t dazzled by bright light.

Set the scene with a simple touch


Different lighting scenes ensure the right mood no matter the occasion. Combine your main lights, lamps, and colour changing lighting to create your own lighting scenes – changing the feel of a room in an instant. Activate these lighting scenes with the simple touch of a switch or with the SLC-system Smart Home App.

Simple control for all of your lighting

No matter the lighting you use in your home, SLC-system has a solution – from conventional light bulbs, to LED lighting and more. Existing lighting circuits can easily be integrated with our retrofit solutions. This allows you to combine different lights in your home to set the mood for any occasion.

Presence Simulation

When you aren’t at home, whether out for the evening or on holiday, your home can mimic your presence. Lighting and shading will know to operate in the same way as if someone were home, deterring any potential burglars.