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Your Pool by SLC-system

Having a pool is great but the upkeep can be a lot of work. The SLC-system helps you with tasks such as filtering, temperature, pH, managing water levels and more. You can also integrate colourful lighting into your pool for a spectacular evening pool party.



Heat pump integration with the pool water treatment system



– Warranty and post-warranty service of the heating system


– 3-times cost reduction as compared to the gas boiler (fueled by main gas),


– 5-times cost reduction as compared to available tankless water heater systems,


– Continuous control and automatic water quality control in the pool

Easy to Control

In a SLC-system, the autopilot ensures that your individual desired temperatures are always met at the right times. If you arrive home earlier or if you need to change the temperature in the room at any time, then you can adjust it easily via the app – turning the temperature up or down or giving the heating a boost for a couple of hours.

Working Together

In a Loxone Smart Home, the heating, shading, and air conditioning all work together rather than against each other. Each feature knows what the other is doing. This intelligent interaction offers you enormous savings potential and great comfort in your home for you and your guests.

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