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Video cameras (possibility of remote access and video control)


Simulation of presence (repetition of weekly scenario — lights, blinds)


Access control — recording of leaving/coming home of personalized magnetic keys’ owners


Visual and audio alarm in case of safety system activation


Possibility of alarm transmission to the police or security company console


PUSH-notifications or e-mail messages as well as GSM cell phone calls in case of alarm and possibility of remote deactivation


Windows/door opening sensors, Motion Sensors, Smoke Detectors, Water Alarm


A professionally installed smart home with smart security features gives you peace of mind knowing that if potential trouble is detected, you and anyone else that needs to know will be immediately notified. You can then take complete control of what to do next to minimise potential loss or damage to your possessions.

Smoke, water and other hazards

Danger could be lurking around any corner. A SLC Smart Home gives you peace of mind, knowing that you’ll be made aware of potential danger so that you can react accordingly to prevent harm from coming to you and your loved ones. If smoke is detected, your home will immediately alert you with flashing lights and a phone call – with certain lighting showing you the way out. Blinds will open, alerting passersby and neighbours to the danger. Should water be detected where it shouldn’t be, whether from a burst pipe or rain potentially coming in through an open window, your home will bring this to your attention so that you can act accordingly to minimise or even prevent any damage.


Sometimes you aren’t sure of if you need to protect your child from your home, or your home from your child. Joking aside, your smart home not only keeps an eye out for external dangers, but ensures your children are safe in the home too. If you are out but your children are home, certain features and appliances can be put into child-safe mode.

Similarly, if you are home you can activate child-mode at the touch of a button. A popular feature for parents is having the TV or games console in their child’s room turn off at 10pm to encourage bedtime.